folie made co-creators Emma Kremer (left) and Kelly McGlone (right)

Madness. It is the name of the game for University of Delaware’s Kelly McGlone and Emma Kremer. While settling into quarantine initially felt like a kick to their usual enthusiastic personalities, the two quickly joined forces on a new project: folie made. Derived from the French definition of the word madness, folie embodies all that the girls are: creative, spontaneous, and fun-loving.

Both McGlone and Kremer have an eye for fashion, specifically the upcoming trend of polymer clay earrings. Pulling inspiration from their own fashion interests as well as suggestions from followers, the team has built a brand that is both unique as well as interactive, “We sort of tried to go in at the beginning with an exact plan of what pairs we wanted to make, but we’ve been more successful seeing where it goes and being creative with it in the moment,” Kremer said. 

Making and sellings earrings with a range of colors, shapes, and patterns, the duo makes earrings that fit all styles and preferences. The process of choosing what to design for each batch has been a lot of trial and error, but teamwork and communication have proven to be incredibly helpful, “The nice thing about working as a team is that we can work sitting next to each other and bounce ideas off of each other and build,” McGlone said, “We have learned a lot in the few weeks that we have been doing this. More than I would have thought. There are so many different details that go into every different part of it.”

Hashing out the details has been a learning process. Jewelry making requires a lot of technical detail, and the duo spends countless hours putting care into each batch they make. Despite the amount of time gone into making the earrings, folie made has become a creative escape for the rising UD seniors, and they hope to continue fine-tuning their earrings and perfecting their marketing tactics. Furthermore, Kremer and McGlone see folie made continuing well into the future, especially if the duo can move back to UD campus in the fall, where they will have more time together to work on their craft. 

“Working together as a team we have learned so much, every day we are figuring this out,” McGlone said. 

Through the process of trial and error, McGlone and Kremer have been able to utilize a blend of their gut instinct and follower feedback to continue growing folie made. 

“We have learned to trust ourselves more, people have been saying ‘make what you think looks best’ and we were initially really nervous to do that, but it has been going so well, especially the more comfortable we get”

– Emma Kremer, University of Delaware ’21

Catch folie made’s newest release tomorrow, Wednesday June 17th! Additionally, now through July 12th, 10% of profits will be donated to the Loveland Foundation and the Innocence Project

For the latest updates follow folie made on Instagram.

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